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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Help! Remedies

*As featured in the Nov 09 issue of Metropolis Magazines*

Pretty much the coolest medi-packaging I have ever seen.

Browsing a medicine isle can be a headache in itself. The flashy designs and the gaudy type can make you feel worse than when you walked in. All the products are vying for your attention - but does it really take a flashy package to help ease your pain?

To the rescue is a new line of products by which was created to make solving simple health problems just that - simple. Their branding suggests that you don't need to go out on a limb to remedy a simple headache, a cut or a bruise. All you need is a simple package that promises to do just what it says it will do - and hopefully make you smile in the process.

Minimalist Medicine Packaging of the Day: this gorgeous new product line designed around simplicity — which, when you’re in need of help, is precisely what you want.

Best part? The packaging is composed of molded paper pulp and a corn-based bio plastic, making it 100% biodegradable. In other words, your headache might one day give birth to a tree. How great is that?

Now that's something everyone can feel a little better about.

Choose from:
- Help! I've a headache 
(16 Acetaminophen Caplet 500mg ea)

- Help! I've a Blister 
(8 Hydrocolloid Bandages in 2 sizes)

- Help! I've Cut Myself 
(12 White Bandages in 2 sizes) 

Price: $5.90 each (Available)
Shipping: $2.95 1st item ($0.75 each additional item)
*Please indicate which Help! remedies you need or it will sent at random.

Note: Please check with your doctor if medicine is suitable for your taking.

USB Flash Drive Memory Stick

Tasty Magnum Miniature Ice Cream USB Flash Drive - 2GB (Favorite)

Flash drive comes complete with a matching box and strap. Strap is detachable too so it's very convenient!

The perfect gift for any occasion and anyone! Useful from home to school to office... anybody could use a flash drive.. esp a cute one like this Magnum Ice cream flash drive!

* High-Speed USB 2.0 certified
* Plug & Play supports hot swapping function
* Mass Storage Compliant
* Support: Windows Vista, XP, 2000 and Mac OS
* Dimensions: 73mm x 27mm x 10mm (appx.) Strap 510mm

* Weight: 16g
Price: $18.50 each (Available)
Shipping: $2.95 1st item ($1.00 each additional item)

Memorette Spin USB Flash Drive - 4GB (Best Gadget)



You don't need to worry about losing a cap ever again, which make it remain free of dust and keep your precious files safe.

- USB 2.0 High Speed (USB 1.1 compatible)
- Unique spinning structure owning a patented design
- Real highest capacity & efficiency in the world.
- Fastest data transfer rate in the world
(Read up to 35MB/s, Write up to 15MB/s)
- Simple & outstanding design
- Perfect for transporting data in the most fashion forward
- Size: 40mm x 40mm x 9.6mm (13.5g)
- Power: No external power required - USB power 4.5V ~ 5.5V
- Transfer Speed (Max) Read 35MB/s, Write 15MB/s
- File System FAT32 (NTFS available)
O/S Windows Vista / XP / Sever2003 /2000 / ME / 98 SE /
Windows CE. NET 4.2 / MAC OS X / 9.x / 8.6k Linux Kernel
2.4 above

Package Includes:
- 4GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive 

- Free Mobile Strap

5 Colors Available:
- Passion (Red) - (Opps! Out of stock)
- Fresh (Yellow) - (Opps! Out of stock)
- Pure (White) - Left 3
- Smart (Cyan) - (Opps! Out of stock)
- Professional (Black) - (Opps! Out of stock)

Price: $27.90 each (Available)
Shipping: $2.95 1st item ($1.00 each additional item)
*Please INDICATE color upon payment or item will be sent randomly or based on available colors.

Miniature Canon EOS Camera Flash Drive - 4GB (Limited Edition!)

* Brand New in box

* White light on scren when connected to computers
* Size: 45mm x 37mm x 50mm (appx)
Price: $33.00 each - (Oops! Out of Stock)
Shipping: $2.95 1st item ($1.00 each additional item)

File Folder Flash Drive - 4GB (Cool!)

This cool drive is designed like a folder. If you fancy something different to store your data on these these funky flash drives might be for you.

Price: $29.00 each - (Oops! Out of Stock)
Shipping: $2.95 1st item ($1.00 each additional item)

Disney Winnie, Mickey and Minnie Flash Drives - 4GB (Great gifts for kids)

Winnie the Pooh and friends are one of the most recognized characters in history. Not only children but many adults love Disney too.

The high quality cap with its exquisite Mickey Mouse pattern can be retained at the end of the flash drive. This will ensure that you that you are not going to lose the cap.

* Support USB 2.0 (compatible with all USB 1.1)
* Drive Capacity : 4GB
* Dimensions : 57.8mm x 17mm x 9mm (L x W x H)
* Weight : 9 g (0.31 oz)
* Date aretention: up to 10 years
* No external power or battery needed
* Compatible with Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista, Linux Kernel 2.4 or later and Mac OS OS 9.0 or later
* This product is under licensed from The Walt Disney

* Manufacturer's life time warranty from the date of purchase.
* Please refer A-DATA's web site about product warranty condition at A-DATA Services Guidelines at

Available in 3 colors:
* Smiling Mickey in quality black
* Sweetie Minnie in captivating purple

* Attentive Winnie in warm yellow

Impeccable beauty! Allow people to stare. Express your personal style and be a sparkling star!

Price: $22.50 each
Shipping: $2.95 1st item ($1.00 each additional item)
*Please INDICATE color upon payment or item will be sent randomly or based on available colors.

Disney Mickey Mouse MP3 Players 2GB with Lighted Eyes

2GB Mickey Mouse MP3 Player - Great Gifts for Girls and Kids

Top-of-the-line fashion item:
Its cute design and ease of use put it at the top of its class not only for music but also for style.

* Support MP3 format
* Built in rechargeable lithium battery
* Bit rate: 32-320Kbps
* SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio): 85dB
* Output of earphones: 2 x 10mW(32Ohm)
* Power Source: Built-in Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
* Dimension: 45x42x30mm
* Weight: about 13 g
* System: Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP Mac OS 10 Linux 2.4.2
* Built in ten emotional LED eyes
* Memory capacity: 2GB
* Package Type: Clear crystal case (105x55x45mm)
* Charging time:2 hours
* Play time: 6-7 hours
* Color: Pink
* Package Content: 1pc MP3 Player, 1pc USB Cable, 1pc Earphone, 1pc User Manual.
* Headphone Output Power: 18m W(R) 18m W(L)
* No.Channels: Stereo(L+R)

Note: Just like any other MP3 or flash drives, remove device from computer properly. Do not swing or hit device on hard surface.

Choose from: 
- Mickey Mouse (Pink)
- Mickey Mouse (Sky Blue)

Price: $22.00 each (Available)
Shipping: $3.95 1st item ($1.75 each additional item)
(Please indicate color choice upon payment or item will be send at random or base on availability.)

Unique Night Light

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Milk Glass Night Light

Designed to look like a glass of milk using power-saving LED bulb which means batteries last longer so no wire is needed.

It’s unique design is a great decorative addition to your home, office or child's room. 

Made of strong and durable clear acrylic and NOT glass so no worries about breaking.

Light turns off automatically when tilted or placed upside down, or turn it off manually with the main switch located at bottom of glass.

Each Milk Light comes with a cute cow design box which is ‘gift ready’! Perfect gift for family, kids, friends & gadget lovers. Perfect gift for Christmas, birthday, Valentines, showers and favors. 

Perfect decoration or night light for your home, bedroom, dorm, bar or restaurant. Personalize each light with your kid’s favorite stickers.

Measurement: Upper Diameter 8.5cm (3.35") / Height 14cm (5.5")

Power: AAA battery x 3 (Not included)

Packing: Brand New in Box

Price: $12.80 each (Available)
Shipping: $5.95 1st item ($3.95 each additional item)

Twilight Turtle Star Night Light that Comfort and Calms Children to Sleep

Twilight Turtle gently transforms nurseries and bedrooms into a starry sanctuary that comforts and calms children.

From within his rounded plastic shell which is divided into 7 different shell segments, Twilight Turtle projects a complete starry night sky onto NOT just ceiling but also walls of any room.

Color has the ability to relieve tension and promote relaxation. 

Choose any one of three soothing color options blue, green, and amber to create magical, tranquil environments that are ideal for helping children of all ages ease into a restful sleep.

* 8 different constellations
* Ideal for ages 2 to adult

* Size: 30cm (L) x 19cm (W) x 10cm (H)
* Power: AAA battery x 3 (Not included)
* Packing: Brand New in Box
Price: $24.90 each (Available)
Shipping: $8.95

Ultra Thin Portable iPhone iPod Stand

Designer iPhone iPod Stand That Fit in Your Wallet

The iPhone buffs often fiddle with their devices till their fingers get soared and body is stiffened in the crouched posture. Here’s a stylish iPhone stand for such avid users. You might mistake to overlook this product, thinking that iPhones don’t need a stand. However, ask those whose eyes are always pooping into the device, scrounging every bit of those numerous applications and facilities that are on offer. Well, this designer stand can really allow you to enjoy the iPhone experience without having to torture your body and eyes.

These iPhone stands are flimsy, foldable stands that you can tuck into your wallet or purse without difficulties. Weighing in at less than 1 gram and thinner than a few sheets of paper, these iPhone stands are the most travel-friendly iPhone and iPod touch solution for hands-free viewing and sharing on-screen mobile entertainment in the landscape position. When not in use, just slip it in your wallet or behind any protective case for quick storage and easy access. It always comes in handy.

Choose from the following 12 Designs:
- Joshua Davis Bloom: (B1) ~ Left 2
- Joshua Davis Bloom: (B2) ~ Left 2
- Joshua Davis Cryptic: (C1) ~ Left 1
- Joshua Davis Cryptic: (C2) ~ Left 2
- Meomi Cute Bites: (CB1) ~ Left 2
- Meomi Cute Bites: (CB2) ~ Left 1
- Bartalos Landscape: (L1) ~Left 2
- Bartalos Landscape: (L2) ~ Left 3
- Meomi Moustaches: (M1) ~ Left 2
- Meomi Moustaches: (M2) ~ Left 2
- Bartalos Owls: (O1) ~ Left 2
- Bartalos Owls: (O2) ~ Left 3

Price: $6.90 each ($12.00 for a set of 2)
Shipping: $2.95 1st item ($0.75 each additional item)

Please indicate code no. of desired design otherwise item will be shipped randomly based on availability.

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Miniature File Cabinet Card Holder with Digital Clock

Super Cool Storage for that Stack of Business Cards

You've collected hundreds of business cards since that last conference. Now, they're scattered between stacks on your desk, stuffed into files, mixed into papers, and wrinkling in your back pocket. That's hardly the way to maintain a proper business relationship.

This little file cabinet looks like a shrunken version of the real thing.
The tiny two-drawer cabinet is equipped with a digital clock and can hold and organize (via included A-Z separator tabs) up to 800 business cards.

Look, I'm not going to tell you how to organize your life. However, this little guy looks so darned good on my desk. Get yours while you can!

- Holds up to 800 cards
- 16.5cm x 11cm x 16.5cm (Ht)

Price: $17.90 each
Shipping: $7.95 1st item ($4.00 each additional item)

Qty Left: 12


Starbuck-Like Coffee-Cup Power Inverter for In-Car Charging

Behold! A Coffee Cup in Disguise

Wish you had an AC jack in your car? With a USB slot even!! And it even fits into your car's built-in cup holder which means this inverter is also not easy to fall compared with those where you just place in the seat or dashboard of the car. What an unexpectedly clever and useful design.

Whether you are a gadget addict or a busy person or traveling geek. This practical and handy solution will do it for you.

This 6" tall Coffee Cup Power Inverter plugs into the 12v cigarette lighter socket and up-converts the power to 120v AC.  The unit can supply a continuous 200 watts, so unless you’re hooking up hair dryers and soldering irons, it's actually good for anything.

Use it to charge your iPod, MP3, cell phone, laptop, PDA, camcorder, DVD players, Game consoles, digital camera, Kindle, ebook reader or any electronic gadgets. 

It's also much cheaper than the Targus Power Inverter which is only 100W.

Price: $35.00 each (Oops! Out of Stock)
Shipping: $12.95 

Wrist Support Keyboard Desk Memo Pad

Keyboard Memo Pad Desk Paper

How brilliant & efficient!! Need I say more? 

(01) Keyboard Memo Pad - Brown ~ Left 2
(02) Keyboard Memo Pad - Ruler ~ Left 2
(03) Keyboard Memo Pad - Small Check ~ Left 3
(04) Keyboard Memo Pad - Lily ~ Left 2 

♥ SIZE : 17.71" x 2.36" (450 x 60 mm)
♥ Content: 70 sheets
♥ Condition: NEW
♥ Material: Paper
♥ Made in Korea by Minibus

Price: $15.90 each
Shipping: $3.95 1st item ($2.50 each additional item)
Please indicate desired memo pad code no. upon check out or item will be sent on random.