Ultra Thin Portable iPhone iPod Stand

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Designer iPhone iPod Stand That Fit in Your Wallet

The iPhone buffs often fiddle with their devices till their fingers get soared and body is stiffened in the crouched posture. Here’s a stylish iPhone stand for such avid users. You might mistake to overlook this product, thinking that iPhones don’t need a stand. However, ask those whose eyes are always pooping into the device, scrounging every bit of those numerous applications and facilities that are on offer. Well, this designer stand can really allow you to enjoy the iPhone experience without having to torture your body and eyes.

These iPhone stands are flimsy, foldable stands that you can tuck into your wallet or purse without difficulties. Weighing in at less than 1 gram and thinner than a few sheets of paper, these iPhone stands are the most travel-friendly iPhone and iPod touch solution for hands-free viewing and sharing on-screen mobile entertainment in the landscape position. When not in use, just slip it in your wallet or behind any protective case for quick storage and easy access. It always comes in handy.

Choose from the following 12 Designs:
- Joshua Davis Bloom: (B1) ~ Left 2
- Joshua Davis Bloom: (B2) ~ Left 2
- Joshua Davis Cryptic: (C1) ~ Left 1
- Joshua Davis Cryptic: (C2) ~ Left 2
- Meomi Cute Bites: (CB1) ~ Left 2
- Meomi Cute Bites: (CB2) ~ Left 1
- Bartalos Landscape: (L1) ~Left 2
- Bartalos Landscape: (L2) ~ Left 3
- Meomi Moustaches: (M1) ~ Left 2
- Meomi Moustaches: (M2) ~ Left 2
- Bartalos Owls: (O1) ~ Left 2
- Bartalos Owls: (O2) ~ Left 3

Price: $6.90 each ($12.00 for a set of 2)
Shipping: $2.95 1st item ($0.75 each additional item)

Please indicate code no. of desired design otherwise item will be shipped randomly based on availability.

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