Control A Kid Remote Control

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Control Your Little Tykes with This Fantasy Device


The Control A Kid Remote Control looks like a pretty awe inspiring tool for long suffering parents everywhere. The Control-a-Kid remote has all the functions you will need to help keep those little monsters under control. Functions like stop sulking or tantrums, eat greens to do homework and more. What is even better is that this remote does not use batteries, but is powered by positive thinking. This way you wont lose control until they fly the nest, Nice!

Parenting certainly isn’t easy, which is why this fantasy device is a surefire winner if it ever takes off (although probably never). The Control-a-Kid remote is the ultimate magic wand in parenting, operating on nothing but pure, unadulterated positive thinking. It comes with a wide range of buttons to keep your kid in rein – it kinda reminds me of Adam Sandler in the movie "Click".

Control A Kid: Make them do what you want, "how" just point the remote at the subject [kid] and just push the button, would you like him to stop sulking, screaming and his tantrums and be able to kindly grow up, say please, do homework.

These commands are among a few of the features of this ultra-handy new remote control for the hopeful, the manufacturers make no claims for the performance of this item however....10 points for trying! 'great gift idea'

Product features:
- Control a kid remote control
- No batteries required [powered by positive thinking]
- Plastic clear packaging...

Price: $12.90 each (Available)
Shipping: $3.95 1st item ($1.75 each additional item)