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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Help! Remedies

*As featured in the Nov 09 issue of Metropolis Magazines*

Pretty much the coolest medi-packaging I have ever seen.

Browsing a medicine isle can be a headache in itself. The flashy designs and the gaudy type can make you feel worse than when you walked in. All the products are vying for your attention - but does it really take a flashy package to help ease your pain?

To the rescue is a new line of products by which was created to make solving simple health problems just that - simple. Their branding suggests that you don't need to go out on a limb to remedy a simple headache, a cut or a bruise. All you need is a simple package that promises to do just what it says it will do - and hopefully make you smile in the process.

Minimalist Medicine Packaging of the Day: this gorgeous new product line designed around simplicity — which, when you’re in need of help, is precisely what you want.

Best part? The packaging is composed of molded paper pulp and a corn-based bio plastic, making it 100% biodegradable. In other words, your headache might one day give birth to a tree. How great is that?

Now that's something everyone can feel a little better about.

Choose from:
- Help! I've a headache 
(16 Acetaminophen Caplet 500mg ea)

- Help! I've a Blister 
(8 Hydrocolloid Bandages in 2 sizes)

- Help! I've Cut Myself 
(12 White Bandages in 2 sizes) 

Price: $5.90 each (Available)
Shipping: $2.95 1st item ($0.75 each additional item)
*Please indicate which Help! remedies you need or it will sent at random.

Note: Please check with your doctor if medicine is suitable for your taking.